Why Billionaires & models are choosing to wear our activewear. – LEELO ACTIVE


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Why Billionaires & models are choosing to wear our activewear.

Why Billionaires & models are choosing to wear our activewear. - LEELO ACTIVE

Since launching Leelo Active on July 01st 2019, we have managed to gain love & support from some very big names in the modelling industry.

The activewear market is flooded with thousands of brands competing for the throne as the best activewear label in the world. As a small start up with a limited budget we strived to get our products into the hands of models around the world to align our brand with some of the top activewear labels around the globe. 

From day 1 our mission was to design leggings that are unbelievably comfortable, flattering & durable. We are now 4 months in & have received over 200 5 star reviews on our leggings which is absolutely amazing! 

To really put the icing on the cake, we have received the love & support of Isabella Grutman. Isabella Grutman is one of Brazil's highest paid female models, married to Miami's hospitality King, Dave Grutman. Isabella regularly trains in our activewear & has recently been seen sporting our gear out in Rio on her recent holiday. The fact that she not only wears our activewear at home in Miami, but packs our gear when she travels is huge! This has really driven up our confidence in our products as someone like Isabella who can wear any other brand in the world is now choosing to wear ours! 

Along with Isabella, we have received amazing feedback from international models Nicole Meyer (no she's not related to Sean lol) & Nicole Harrison. 

Launching an activewear label at the age of 24 has been no easy task. We look forward to growing this little start up into an internationally recognised brand, that competes with the big players in the industry. Follow our journey on Instagram @leelo.active 

Thank you so much for the support! We couldn't do it without you! 

Sean & Beth x

Isabella Grutman wears Leelo Active in Rio with husband Dave Grutman

Isabella Grutman wears Leelo Active on recent trip to Rio

International Model Nicole Meyer wears Leelo ActiveIsabella Grutman wears Leelo Active whilst training at home in Miami

International Model Nicole Harrison wears Leelo Active in New York


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