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What makes our leggings so good!?

What makes our leggings so good!? - LEELO ACTIVE

As a start up label, we pride ourselves on the design & quality of our leggings. They have been the foundation of our brand and paved the way to our growing reputation.

We have received hundreds of 5 star reviews for our leggings. 1 year later, we still sell the exact same design that we launched back in July 2019. Don't fix what isn't  broken, right? 

The design of our original leggings took 3 rounds of samples with different fabrics, and small tweaks to the shape and fit. By the third round of samples we were very happy with the end result. Our manufacturer is amazing, everything from their communication to crafting products is spot on. But the trade off for a good manufacturer is high Minimum Order Quantities. These days we aren't so worried about the MOQ because we are confident that we can sell the stock, however when we first launched it was a pretty intimidating. 

Our manufacturer requires for us to order 300 units per style. This can be negotiated slightly, but not much. Our first order of stock was 1400 units.

We are really happy that we chose to back ourselves in and work with a good manufacturer. A lot of start up brands try to cut costs and use manufacturers that offer low order quantities and ready to ship products. Ready to ship products are very common amongst a lot of Australian activewear labels. If you pay close attention you will see that a few brands actually sell the exact same leggings. 

We actually explored the option of a ready to ship leggings. Which are in fact our V2 leggings which we have on clearance at the moment.They are great leggings, but they aren't as good as our original leggings & there are a handful of other brands that are selling the exact same leggings! Hence why we are clearing them out. We have had a lot of customers say they really like the v2 leggings, but we really want to continue our focus on our original leggings and continue building our brand reputation around them.

Basically brands have a few choices when sourcing products.

1. Customised

Customised products are made exactly how the brand wants the products, everything from the fit, fabric & colour. The quality is generally a lot better & you won't see multiple brands selling it. The trade off is meeting manufacturers high minimum order quantities as they need to buy the fabric and set up machines to create the product the way you want them to. Generally production and shipping times are around 4 to 6 weeks.

2. Ready to Ship

These are products that manufacturers have already made and are selling to multiple brands. This is obviously a lot quicker option and you can order very low quantities. Some brands choose to drop ship these products which means the manufacturer will actually handle the fulfilment of orders. These products are often not as good quality and they are never exactly how you want them. 

3. Wholesalers 

a lot of start up labels use this option as there are no minimum order quantities and the products are often very affordable. You have probably heard of brands such as Gildan & AS Color. These are the two most popular wholesalers in Australia for blank t-shirts, hoodies and other basic clothing garments. The quality is pretty average. 

Its always worth doing some research and checking out product reviews before making an online purchase. Don't just trust that because an influencer owns the brand that the products are going to be good. Don't be shy to ask the brand where & how they are making their products too. A little bit of research can save a lot of time and money!

Our mission for this second year of business is to start releasing not only great quality leggings, but also crops, pants & outerwear. We feel like we really nailed all of the products in our next launch. The hoodies & sweaters are made in Portugal from a premium heavyweight French Terry fabric, the boyfriend tees are made from a heavyweight premium cotton, again made in Portugal. Our sweatpants are made from a really high quality 350gsm cotton & fleece blend which is super comfortable. We will let you be the judge, but we are pretty confident you will be blown away by how good this collection is. We love your feedback so let us know your thoughts!


Sean & Beth 





Sean & Beth


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