Seeking rejection is the key to success – LEELO ACTIVE


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Seeking rejection is the key to success

Seeking rejection is the key to success - LEELO ACTIVE

It sounds counter productive right? But trust me, the biggest wins come from seeking rejection. Let me explain.

If there's one thing that can hold you back in life it's the fear of rejection. We all get stuck in the habit of waiting for the perfect time or opportunity, but unfortunately life doesn't work that way. We have to create our opportunities and be fearless when pursuing our goals. You need to have a certain level of self awareness to understand why you were rejected, learn from the mistakes and continue to move forward no matter what.

This theory of seeking rejection can be applied to just about everything in life. Jobs, business and even dating. When I reflect on all of the times I have been rejected, I can see a direct correlation that lead to a bigger & better outcome than what I first set out to acheive.

Here are some examples:

At the beginning of 2018, I had a goal to quit my 9 to 5 job and move to London to become a full time model. I booked a one way ticket to London to see if I could get signed by an Agency, before I made the big move. I had a list of agencies with the biggest & best at the top. Elite, Wilhelmina, IMG, Nevs & Next. I flew into London on a Sunday & on Monday morning I set out to do my "Walk ins". The first agency "Elite Models London" straight up said no to signing me, without any explanation. I set off to the next agency and once again they said no. Thankfully they explained that my look was too commercial for what they were looking for at the time, but they recommended that I go to Nevs or Next as they would love my look. I was so nervous after being knocked back twice, the reality sunk in that I may have flown across the world to be completely rejected by all of these agencies. I persisted though and the next 3 agencies all said that they would love to sign me if I moved to London. I was over the moon as I now had the choice of 3 very reputable agencies in London. 2 months later I made the move to London as a signed model with Nevs. I ended up modelling for Nike, Puma, ASOS and spent the year travelling around, partying with celebrities. It was wild. 

When I first launched Leelo, I set out with a goal to have our products stocked in two of Perth's biggest activewear boutiques. They both said no. Our brand was too new & we weren't ready for it. I was pretty disappointed, but I new what I had to do to change their minds. 6 months later one of them wanted to stock us & 9 months later, both of them wanted to stock us. If I hadn't chased that opportunity and embraced the rejection, I guarantee we wouldn't have ended up in those stores. 

These are prime examples of just taking the leap and not worrying about being rejected. There is nothing bad that comes from rejection, unless you decide to give up. If you persist, learn from your mistakes or work on skills that you need to achieve your goals, I guarantee you will get there. 

My goal in 2021 is to have Leelo stocked in 20 or more activewear boutiques around Australia. It's funny because in my mind, I know that we still have a lot of work to do, however I still want to have that same ambitious & fearless approach that I had when we first launched the business. It doesn't matter if I approach 20 stores and they all reject me. I'll look at what needs to be done, apply those things and then I'll go approach another 50 stores. 

Hopefully this inspires you to chase your goals fearlessly without the worry of rejection. Go ask for that pay rise you deserve, go apply for that new job or promotion and start living your best life!

Sean Meyer




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