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Revealing our secrets!

Revealing our secrets! - LEELO ACTIVE

Leelo is about to level up! The past few months of sales have been amazing and we are unbelievably grateful for our loyal & amazing customers! This boost in sales has allowed us to design new products which we are super excited to launch.

As we close in on our first birthday, Beth & I are so proud of how far we have come. When we first launched Leelo on July 01st 2019, we didn't really have much of a plan, other than wanting to create really good leggings. I think we can confidently say we did a damn good job of that for a start up label. 

As we matured as a brand, Leelo started to move away from the activewear scene and more towards an athleisure brand. Our goal is to have a collection of high quality wardrobe essentials that can be worn as loungewear, leisurewear or activewear. We have been busy designing and sampling a heap of new products and they are AMAZING!

This is exactly what will be arriving in the next 2 to 4 weeks:

1. Full restock of our original Black Leggings, bike shorts & booty shorts.

2. Full restock of our V2 Khaki, Beige & Taupe leggings (with LEELO silicon logos)

3. Sweatpants in Black, Vintage Grey & Off-white (380GSM heavy weight fabric /High waisted design)

4. Sweat-shorts in Black & Off-white (450gsm French Terry)

5. Running shorts in black & Off-white (lightweight cotton)

6. Sweatshirts in black & vintage grey (450gsm French Terry)

7. Hoodies in black & vintage grey (450gsm French Terry)

8. Puffer Jackets in black (Very high quality)

9. Corduroy Jackets in Off-white & Beige 

10. Light grey bike shorts

11. Boyfriend tees in Black & vintage grey

12. Ribbed Cropped Tanks in Black, white & beige (These are amazing)

13. High neck sports bras in White, Black & Khaki (with LEELO silicon logos)

All of these products with be branded with our new LEELO silicon logos. We will also play around with some new screen prints, embroidery and fabric labels. 


We will continue to stock our original black leggings as these have been our best sellers. We are slowly clearing out our Navy & stormy blue leggings. Don't worry we will eventually bring these colours back, however our plan is to release a limited edition colour each season. As some of you may have saw on our IG story, we will be releasing a "Mint Green" colour way very soon. 


Sports bras have been a challenging product for us, due to the fact that one sports bra does not suit all girls. We quickly worked out that we will need a range of designs to suit girls of all shapes and sizes. Our new High neck sports bras are better for girls with bigger/fake boobs as they provide more coverage and support. We also want to bring out a few basic sports bras for lounging.


We are loving neutral and earthy tones at the moment as they are easy to create a clean aesthetic through our content creation. Beth & I will openly admit we are obsessed with the brand Joah Brown at the moment, so we will be channeling some of their style into our creative direction. I am obsessed with British vintage boxing so we will most likely use props such as vintage leather boxing gloves, boxing bags and skipping ropes as props in our next shoot. Our website will be fully redesigned with new images.


Size guides can be a bit tricky especially with sports bras. We are working on a new size guide for both tops & bottoms with supporting videos posted on our IGTV and YouTube which will take away any confusion for our product sizing :)


We will continue to use minimal packaging to keep things as eco-friendly as possible. We were wrapping all of our orders in tissue paper, however with the high volume of orders we are now receiving this has become too time consuming. Our new plan is to send out orders in a nice canvas bag which can be re-purposed as a yoga/pilates bag.

Beth & I are super excited to show you what we have been working on over the past few months. Our plan is to have everything completed by July 01st for our 1st birthday. 

Check out our mood board board below: (images from Joah Brown)


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