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Perth businesses that inspire me

Perth is one of most isolated cities in the world. I think that was really enforced in 2020 with our hard border closures due to COVID-19. Our isolated location can be a huge advantage for business, but also a huge disadvantage. I believe that we have to work 3 times harder than our Eastern counterparts to really gain traction in business nationally and furthermore internationally. We have some incredible models and creatives to work with, but we are definitely limited compared to cities like Melbourne & Sydney which have a much stronger fashion industry. This is why I respect the businesses in Perth that have built an incredible reputation not only around Australia, but the entire world.

1. Riot Hill - by Jordan Fresher 

This labels story is very inspirational. From what I've heard Riot Hill was Jordan’s second try at a clothing label & he absolutely killed it. What I really love is the hustle behind what really accelerated the brand. After getting in touch with Brooklyn Charles through instagram, Jordan had The Weeknd wearing Riot hill on stage which then escalated into him wanting to be directly involved in the brand. Since then Riot Hill has been on show at Paris Fashion Week, worn by celebrities like Bella Hadid and featured in Forbes & HypeBeast. 

It’s these outside of the box actions that have enormous results for businesses that I love. Riot Hill continues to grow on a Global scale and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon! Read more about Jordan’s story here 

2. Natalie Rolt - by Natalie Rolt 

If you haven’t heard of this label you’re probably living under a rock. This brands come up is incredible. From 2012 selling garments out of a stall in Fremantle Markets to now running a booming boutique out of her HQ in North Fremantle. The brand has been worn by A list celebrities around the world which has sky rocketed it’s reputation through the roof! She can do no wrong at this stage with every release selling out and you can see why, the pieces are incredible.  

3. Rixx - by Coen Rodgers

This is a brand which I have watched from the ground up & it has been an incredible journey. The brand grew quickly through the support of Coen’s business Partner Tommy Sheridan, who at the time was playing for Fremantle Dockers. This gave the brand a really strong platform through the AFL network. Rixx has been worn by Em Rata, Odell Beckham Jr and many more celebrities. They have really good quality sunglasses that match the quality of designer labels but at a more affordable price. Coen has worked his ass off to grow the brand and the grind hasn’t stopped! 

4. The Nolan Bros - by Alex & Lewis Nolan

A brand built from the passion and work ethic of 2 brothers. When I think of the Nolan Bros I think about top notch content creation and a brand with a strong message to work hard & play harder! The Nolan Bros are known for having really good quality sunglasses at affordable prices. I’ve watched these boys turn a side hustle into a booming business. I often hit these guys up for advice around digital marketing, which is a huge focus for Leelo. With an all or nothing approach, this brand continues to grow at an incredible rate & I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

5. Bamba Swim - Kayla & Lauren Fallace

Bamba Swimwear is another extremely successful Perth based business with Global recognition. This brand has a very strong social media presence with over 300k followers. The brand is worn by instagrams biggest influencers which has fuelled the rapid growth of the brand. Kayla & Lauren are creative geniuses in my opinion. They have mastered the art of sexy vintage content which remains a strong theme throughout the brands content creation. Bamba Swim continues to dominate the swim & resort industry and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


There’s a heap of other brands I haven’t mentioned in this Blog, but these are my top 5. If you’re from Perth, I really encourage you to shop local this Christmas and support these brands that are leading the way in growing our fashion industry. Some other amazing businesses are Lessons Concept Store, Cabinet Noir, Banx Clo, Privacy, Coercion, Medicle, Deconduarte, Natural Debonair, Motion Lifestyle & Hyperluxe.

Thanks for reading!

Sean Meyer - Founder of Leelo Active

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