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How I became friends with JLO

How I became friends with JLO - LEELO ACTIVE

Living in a quiet little city like Perth, it's pretty rare to brush shoulders with A list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, let alone become friends with them. 

In 2018 I spent most of the year modelling in London & travelling around the UK, Europe & the US. I took a trip out to LA in June 2018 to visit some friends & attend a wedding in Vegas. Long story short, I ended up heading to Vegas with my now good friend Stevie Mackey (Jlo's voice coach). I didn't really know what to expect, I knew he was associated with Jlo, but I didn't really know to what extent. The first night we arrived in Vegas, Stevie planned for us to go to Jlo's show, which was actually her 100th show in Vegas. We pulled up backstage and Stevie went off to do his routine warm up with Jen. At the end of the show we ended up heading backstage again to hang out with the crew, Stevie introduced me to Jlo & her manager Benny Medina. We ended up going back to Cesar's Palace to celebrate her 100th show. It was pretty crazy, partying on the rooftop of the Nobu Suite until the sun came up. 

We all got on really well & Stevie mentioned to me that Jlo & Benny really enjoyed having me around. The next night I was invited to have dinner with Jen & a few of her entourage at Spago. This was the first time I really had a chance to have a proper conversation with her. It was crazy that she actually wanted to know about my life & what I do. I guess it was kind of interesting to her because she hadn't met anyone from Perth before & our lifestyles were so different. After dinner we ended up going shopping in Chanel for her summer vacation. As we headed through the mall, people started to notice Jlo & suddenly we had a crowd of over 100 following us. They had to shut the Channel store for us whilst she tried on different outfits. 

Since those first few nights of meeting Jen, we ended up hanging out a lot more & getting to know each other. I think that because I was always so relaxed around her & respected her privacy, she really appreciated that and was happy to have me around. I ended up heading back to Vegas in October 2018 for her last few shows to end her residency contract. That trip was pretty insane, I ended up meeting Kobe  Bryant, P.Diddy, JaRule, Jessica Alba, Sophia Vergara, Alex Rodriguez & a heap of other celebrities. Meeting Kobe was 100% the most star struck I have ever been.

 June 2019 I received a message from Stevie inviting me to Jlo's 50th birthday in Miami. It was a bit of an awkward time as I was in the middle of launching Leelo, however I knew I couldn't miss out on going to this once in a lifetime party. I ended up heading to Miami and celebrated with her on the 24th July at a mansion on Star Island. Words can't really describe this party so I'll put some clips from my instagram story below. 




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