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The experience of a lifetime Jlo's 50th birthday, partying with DJ Kahled, Fat Joe, Ashanti & many other celebrities. Hapars Bazaar described her party as "stuff that dreams are made of". Trust me they weren't wrong! 

The party took place at Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s private home on Star Island in Miami. There was gold and white decor, a towering multitiered cake, a bustling dance floor, and a star-studded guest list. At the end of the night, a spectacular fireworks show lit up the sky. 

Some highlights from the night would have to be the performance by Jlo's twins Max & Emme alongside her voice coach Stevie Mackey. DJ Khaled became the centre of attention when he decided to bust out his famous dance to "Wild Thoughts". Things really turned up when DJ Cassidy graced the dance floor with Jlo's hit song "Dinero".

The best part about Jlo's 50th was the fact that everyone felt welcome regardless of their celebrity status. The party was filled with not only Jlo's celebrity friends but also her loyal dancers & entourage that have been behind her every step of the way on her recent tours. 

Now for the big question. How & why was I invited to Jlo's 50th? Back in June 2018  I took a trip from London to LA to revisit the city that inspired me to quit my 9 to 5 and chase the dream of becoming a full time model & business owner. The plan was to stay with my friend Leo for a few weeks then head up to New York before heading home to London. Those plans quickly changed as my agency confirmed I had been booked for Nike back in London for the dates I should have been in NYC for. Leo was invited to a wedding in Vegas, which he invited me & a few other friends to come along for the trip. I posted on my instagram that I would be heading to Vegas. Shortly after Stevie Mackey, Jlo's voice coach messaged me saying he was heading to Vegas at the same time & wanted to see if I would join him. This was perfect as the car we were road tripping to Vegas in was going to be full. I jumped at the opportunity & headed to Vegas with Stevie, not knowing what to expect for the week ahead. 

Suddenly what was suppose to be a casual trip to LA became a trip to Vegas straight out of a dream! We had dinner with Jlo at Spago, went shopping at Channel with her & celebrated her 100th residency show at Vegas...It was crazy! She was so welcoming towards me, considering I was some random Australian boy that pretty much came out of nowhere! I made sure to talk to her as if she was like anyone else. I think that she appreciated that a lot as being a celebrity of her status, she is often treated very differently. Jlo's entire entourage are like a family, they all share the same morals and have an infatuation for music, dancing & fashion. I got a long with them really well and made a heap of new friends within the group. The trip came to a bitter sweet ending, however we made plans to ensure I would head back to LA & Vegas in September to celebrate the ending of Jlo's residency show.

September 2018 came around pretty quickly! I spent another 2 weeks out in Vegas with Stevie, Jlo & her entourage. It was epic! With this longer trip I was able to bond with the group as we spent more time together. 

Fast forward to June 2019, I received a message from Stevie to see if I wanted to come to Jlo's 50th in Miami. To be honest it was terrible timing as this was within 2 weeks of launching Leelo Active. I thought Beth would hate me for going! I couldn't say no though! A once in a life time opportunity, which I knew I would regret if I passed it up.

There you have it! A little bit of insight into how & why I was invited to Jlo's 50th. To recap, it was really luck & timing! I think it's important to remember to treat everyone equally regardless of their status. Put yourself in the shoes of others & be aware of how you a treating the people around you. Being open to meeting new people and not being scared to step out of your comfort zone is super important. Two years ago I was working a 9 to 5 in Perth, a comfortable & safe little bubble that was hard to step away from. I look back at it now & I'm so grateful that I took the leap of faith! Bring on 2020! 

Jennifer Lopez & Sean MeyerSean Meyer at Jlo's 50th






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