Boosting Confidence Through Self Awareness – LEELO ACTIVE
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Boosting Confidence Through Self Awareness

Boosting Confidence Through Self Awareness - LEELO ACTIVE

A lack of confidence resides in our inability to overcome our inner critic. The little voice in our head that over thinks every situation, trying to keep us safe within our comfort zone. It's one of many things our body does to keep us safe, but unfortunately it causes us to miss out on a lot of opportunities in life. It triggers our inner critic to talk us out of doing it to protect us from the unknown, even though the changes we want to make will actually improve our quality of life.

We need to deepen your self awareness and start to outsmart the inner critic by following some of these steps by personal empowerment coach Heidi Jones:

1. Your inner critic is opinion based, not fact based therefore it’s important you are able to be aware of the negative opinions you hold about yourself so you are aware when it’s your inner-critic talking.
Action: List the negative opinions you hold about yourself.

2. Understand the perspective on each situation to not let your thoughts spiral, get perspective on how you formed each opinion about yourself.
Action: Next to each opinion listed, write down when and how it started.

3. The beliefs and opinions you formed have served a purpose at some point in your life.
Action: Reflect on your answers and identify when your inner-critic has protected you.

4. Your inner-critic gets stronger every time you behave true to the opinion.
Action: Write down how your behavior has reinforced these opinions and beliefs about yourself and continued to fuel your inner-critic.

5. Now you are an adult do these opinions and belief serve a purpose? Or do they hold you back?
Action: Next to each opinion identify those that still positively serve you and those that are now holding you back.

6. To really out smart your inner-critic you need to have clarity and direction on what you will do/accomplish by getting out of your comfort zone and challenging your inner-critic.
Action: List what could you achieve if you stopped listening to your inner critic? What would you attempt in life by challenging your inner critic?

7. Change doesn’t happen over night, it’s happens with commitment, consistency and action. To really make a positive impact and outsmart your inner-critic you must focus on taking one step at a time.
Action: What is one small action you can take to start outsmarting your inner-critic today?

Self awareness is a major key in overcoming mental battles & becoming the person you truly want to be. We have to hold ourselves accountable. You are the only person responsible for your happiness in life. Take control today & start living your best life! Be on the lookout for our next blog on "Confidence Dressing, how clothing affects the mind".

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