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Athleisure has become an integral part of every fashion girl's wardrobe. We've put together a recap on some of 2019's biggest athleisure style trends & what to expect coming into 2020.

1. Co-ords: The trend that is here to stay & we are all for it! There's nothing more aesthetically pleasing that a well coordinated pair of leggings, sports bra, jacket & sneakers to match. Keeping colours & tones consistent across an outfit speaks class & simplicity.

2. Animal Prints: With animal prints seen across the catwalks of Burberry, Gucci, and Zadig and Voltaire. The activewear scene quickly jumped onboard with brands flooding their collections with wild prints. 

3. Bike Shorts & booty shorts: Bike shorts made waves across the fashion scene in 2019. They became a staple in many girls wardrobes as we saw them styled up & down. Combining biker shorts, a crop top & an open blazer had to be one of the boldest statements of 2019.

4. Logos: 2019 saw a lot of brands transition out of their low key minimal designs to flexing on big bold logos across many collections. Designer brands such as, Burberry, Dior, Louis Vuitton lead the way with this trend and it quickly carried over to the activewear scene. 

5. Colour Blocking: A brand that first comes to mind when we think about colour blocking in fashion is Tommy Hilfiger. This powerful trend has been injected into P.E Nations collections, with bold statement leggings, windbreaker jackets & oversized bumb bags. 

6. Oversized Boyfriend Sweaters: This is a trend that is here to stay. Why? Because its comfortable & it looks amazing! An oversized sweater paired with your favourite leggings will keep you cozy during the early morning workouts during winter, whilst also paired with biker shorts in the summer months to keep you warm on that long coastal walk with the sea breeze.

7. Statement sneakers: Chunky, bright & outrageous sneaker designs made waves across womens fashion in 2019. It was no exception in the athleisure scene as we saw the Balenciaga triple S & Versace Chain Reaction sneakers hit every influencers feed like a virus. (Yes Leelo Active is guilty of this). 

8. Sustainable style: Taking care of the environment will always be fashionable! 2019 saw a lot of brands getting behind sustainability & we are all for it! Up-cycling, recycling & finding fabrics and materials that are eco-friendly is the way of the future.  

9. Retro re-boot: Throwing it back to the 90's. Acid wash, vintage tees, tennis socks, colour blocking & neons. We love this trend and hope it never leaves...Maybe us 90s babies are bias to this ;)

10. Inclusivity: We are all about this trend! Brands are becoming more aware that they need to cater for girls of all shapes & sizes. Leelo Active understands the importance of this and we will continue to work towards stocking smaller & larger sizes :) 

What to Expect in 2020: 

1. High top sneakers: We've seen glimpses of this trend from Kendal & Gigi roaming the streets of New York in a pair of Jordans & high waisted leggings. 2020 may be the year that this becomes a mainstream trend. 

2. High neck sports bras: 2020 will see more longline & high neck sports bras on the market which will provide more coverage & support.

3. Sport Luxe: 2020 will see activewear brands venturing into a more luxe category for accessories. Metallic undertones, designer style sunglasses, handbags & jewellery to tie everything together. 

4. Polka Dots: Animal patterns made waves in 2019. Polka dots & national flag inspired prints are sure to make a come back in 2020.

5. Jewellery: A bougie trend that's hard to hate. Who said you can't wear jewellery whilst you train?

6. Trucker caps: 2019 was the year of vintage dad hats. 2020 will see a big come back for trucker caps.

7. Colours: Heron Preston & Off White come to mind when we think of combining orange & white or orange & black. these colour ways make a strong statement & I'm sure we will see a lot of it throughout 2020. 

8. Bootleg designs: This is an interesting topic that may trigger a few. Fast fashion has ignited a lot of copy cats throughout the fashion industry. But hey, one of Heron Preston's biggest power moves was re-creating the hyped Givenchy Rottweiler Tee by Givenchy & look at him now. I think that's the key, not to copy every detail but to be inspired by designers at the top of the food chain and implement ideas in a less conventional way.

9. Bold buckles & zippers: Matthew Williams made roller coaster buckles a trend with ALYX. 2020 will see activewear labels adventuring into new hardware ideas such as oversized zippers and buckles. 

10. Tennis style: The tennis skirt made a come back in 2019. 2020 will see more tennis fashion working into the scene. Tennis socks & white sneakers will never go out of fashion. 

11. Linen shirts: Similar to a blazer, oversized linen shirts can be styled with biker shorts & your favourite handbag. White, grey & black are our favourites.

12. Flannel Shirts: We saw glimpses of this style teased by Hailey Bieber. This is a very Canadian style but we are here for it! A red or green flannel shirt layered over a black sports bra or white crop top looks great with a pair of leggings or biker shorts.

Check out the gallery below for more inspiration:

 Hailey Bieber FlannelVictoria beckham bike shorts x blazer

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