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Why I don’t like your PT

Why I don’t like your PT | LEELO ACTIVE

Over the past 10 years of training I’ve come across a lot of bullshit. Particularly coming from personal trainers. Now I’m not pointing my finger at all PTs, some of them are great...but some of them truly suck! 

As a personal trainer your number one priority should be to promote health before anything else. Especially before appearance and “fitness”. One thing that really pisses me off is the number of PTs that do bodybuilding competitions & take steroids. The most fucked up thing is they then use images of themselves in very unnatural states to promote their personal training business. 

Bodybuilding competitions are extremely unhealthy both for your physical & mental health. Yes it might look cool to have a ripped & muscular physique but the amount of damage it does to your body is not cool. Another thing that really humours me is when a bodybuilder try’s to justify what they are doing by saying “it teaches me discipline, dedication and hard work”. Here’s a big reality check, you can implement those attributes in other areas of life that don’t cause harm to your physical & mental health. 

The bodybuilding industry thrives off insecurities and the human desire to do what ever it takes to be “better”. This is why you see so many bodybuilders revert to taking steroids because they want to push past their natural potential. 

Of course it makes it a hell of a lot easier to rope in clients by showing off your body, but the unfortunate thing is that most of these PTs don’t tell their clients that their physique isn’t natural & it’s very unlikely that they will end up looking like them by following their training programs. 

I recommend if you are looking for a good PT you should try to find one that preaches health before fitness. In my opinion this is how they should prioritise your program.

1. Digestive/gut health 

2. Promoting healthy endocrine system (hormones)

3. Sleep and stress management 

4. A well balanced meal plan that consists of whole foods that agree with your stomach. Supplements should also be introduced (if needed).

5.  A calculated caloric intake to cater to your goals (weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, strength etc)

6. A training program that safely implements progressive overload without causing injuries.

There needs to be more regulations in regards to personal training. I personally think that if you take steroids you should either not be allowed to be a PT or you should be obligated to tell all of your clients that you are using steroids. At the end of the day if you aren’t then it’s false advertising.


* disclaimer. This is only advice and I am not a doctor or health professional. I speak only from experience. Please seek advice from your GP or health professional for further information.  

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