Million dollar opportunity

From day one I made it a goal to have Hailey Beiber wear Leelo. A huge goal, that quite frankly I didn't think would actually happen, but hey you gotta dream big!

If I have one talent, it's knowing how to put myself in situations that can excel from a small action into a massive life event. When it comes to finding ways to send a celebrity products, you can't go direct to the's impossible, however if you know who that celebrity associates with, you can find a more obtainable way to reach the celebrity.

Maeve Reilly was my target contact, if I could somehow get her attention, maybe, just maybe, I could send her some Leelo products to gift to Hailey. Now Maeve has over 400,000 followers on a verified Instagram account, which makes it very difficult for her to see DMs. This weekend, I decided to post a video on my story of her working out at DogPound LA, a famous gym that trains only the rich & famous. 10 minutes after posting the video, I receive a DM from Maeve saying Hi! ”. My heart rate doubled like a teenager receiving a message from his crush in high school. I instantly knew this was my moment, I now have access to messaging Maeve and not landing in her ocean of message requests. I waited a day to plan how I should pitch to her that I would like to send some Leelo products to her. This had to be done right, a one shot, one opportunity situation, that I couldn't blow!

And just like that a million dollar opportunity was born. For a brand, having a celebrity like Hailey Beiber wearing your clothing, is massive! It takes a lot of preparation to fully capatalise, especially if the celebrity is papped and the images flood the internet. We really hope that our leggings become Hailey's go to. If this happens Leelo will quickly go from a relatively unknown brand from Australia, to a brand like Set Active, which currently dominates Hollywood. Lets hope that this small action unfolds into something that changes Leelo forever.

Thanks for reading, I hope this blog gives an insight into the hustle that both Beth & I are putting in to grow our little brand. 





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