Athleisure took the fashion industry by storm in the 21st Century. Truth is it has been around for a long time, we just didn't really give it a label. Princess Diana is the perfect reference with her bold & iconic styling of biker shorts & oversized sweaters. 

Athleisure brings together a mixture of comfort, functionality & style that has captured the hearts of women around the globe.

The key is to do it with confidence! Athleisure is far from conformity, in fact it's more so the opposite. It’s saying "fuck it" I have yoga at 7AM, breakfast with a client at 9AM & I need to run to the shops at 11AM & guess what I only want to wear one outfit! Matching your activewear with an oversized jacket/blazer or jumper, a designer handbag, your favourite jewellery & a fresh pair of white trainers can pretty much carry you through a day of exercise, meetings & even a sneaky drink at a bar. 

Hailey Bieber, Em Rata, Princess Diana, Kendall Jenner & Jennifer Lopez are some of our favourite celebrities that have mastered athleisure.

These are some of our favourite outfits to give you some inspiration for Summer 19. Hailey Bieber

Princess Diana

vintage t-shirt x biker shortsem rata


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