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Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, friends & strangers! You should be able to enjoy yourself without feeling like you’re going to gain 100kgs over the festive season. These are our top tips to help you stay on track whilst still enjoying yourself :)


1. Try to avoid refined sugar: 
> opt for sugar free/diet Soda

> when dessert comes out fill up on fruit. You don’t have to skip the pudding but reduce your portion size and add some extra berries.

> Low calorie ice cream will keep you satisfied. Our favourite is halotop & fropro.


2. Lower your carbs: 

> fill up on lean proteins like turkey, fish, chicken & ham or your favourite vegan/vego protein sources

> Load up on vegetables and keep the roast potatoes to a minimum.

3. Stay hydrated: 

> consume more liquids to keep you full & help with digestion. 

4. Healthy Snacks:

> When the grazing boards come out stick to carrot & celery sticks & hummus. Go easy on the nuts as the calories will sneak up on you! 

> load up up on berries: healthy & low in calories! 

> Cold meats are Ok but be aware the sodium might cause some water retention.

5. Drink wisely:

> avoid sugary alcoholic drinks

> Opt for: Sugar free/diet mixers with spirits, Red, white & rose (avoid sweet wines) 

8. Get an early workout in:

> A light workout in the morning can be a great way to start the day.

> If your gym/studio is closed, do a little home workout. Hit your favourite yoga or Pilates movement & get a little sweat on with a quick 20 minute workout.

7. Stress less:

> avoid the family drama

> accept that things don’t need to be perfect 

> relax & breathe 

> reflect on good times & the things you are grateful for.

> enjoy a few glasses of wine 

8. Sleep:

> The festive season can get a little bit crazy! If the late nights and early mornings are getting ahead of you don’t be afraid to take a nap! 

We hope these 8 tips help you a bit to stay on track with a guilt free Christmas. Remember to enjoy yourself. Life is about balance! This time of year can be really tough for some, reach out to the people you know might be having a hard time, invite them to join in on your friends or family plans even if they aren’t apart of your usual circle. Spread the joy & happiness!

Have a Merry Christmas  & a happy New Year! 

lots of love x 

Sean & Beth 

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