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CHASE YOUR DREAMS - In loving memory of Joel Burton

CHASE YOUR DREAMS - In loving memory of Joel Burton | LEELO ACTIVE

In light of the recent passing of my Cousin Joel Burton, a superstar on & off the court, I wanted reflect on how precious life is. We received the devastating news in the early hours of Sunday morning that Joel had passed away in a car accident, just 1 week after we celebrated his 18th birthday at our family home. Watching Joel grow up was an absolute pleasure, he chased his dreams with hard work and determination whilst still making time for his family and friends. 

It's always hard to process the loss of a loved one, especially at such a young age. Joel was an amazing athlete & if you look back on his past 18 years, he won at life. Joel had recently turned down a full scholarship to play basketball at Minot State University in North Dakota, which was a wise choice in hindsight of the Covid-19 situation. 

Life is precious & should never be taken for granted. Keep your loved ones close, chase your dreams and do what you love. Please take care on the roads & remind your friends & family to do the same. 

Rest in peace Joel, your legacy will live on through our family.


 Joel Burton


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